The Spring constraint will make an object behave like it's hanging on a spring. The white dot represents the World Coord parameters, this is where the spring is attached in the game zone. The pink dot represents the Local Coord parameters, this is where the spring is attached on the object. You can drag the dots or change the parameter values to change their position.

The Rest Length parameter defines the lenght of the spring in rest, so when it is not stretched. If you make it as long as the distance between the object's Y Coordinates and the constraint's Y World Coord then the object shouldn't be bouncing when you start your level, but the weight of the object also affects the spring so you have to experiment with making it shorter to compensate for the weight.

The Stiffness parameter is pretty obvious I think.

Damping defines how quickly the spring comes to rest. If you set this value to 0 the spring will keep bouncing forever. Increase the value to make the spring movement stop faster.


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