Click START to load the editor!

Login with the same Pixel Rain account that you use on your device (smartphone or tablet).


Fill in a Title and a Description. If you don't know how to call it yet, just fill in something and you can change it later...

Note: check the "Hints and tips" section for info about the title bug and how to avoid it.

Now you can add items by clicking on the buttons.

You can choose to add items in the side bar, in the game zone or in the skydrop zone. (If you know the game you should know the difference between them.)

If you add items with these buttons they will always appear in the middle of the game zone or the skydrop zone. Alternatively you can also right-click anywhere (the same item menu will pop-up) and then the item will be placed where you clicked.

Note: items can't overlap each other unless they are static.

Right-click on an item in the side bar to either delete it or move it up or down.

Drag (left-click and hold) items in the skydrop zone or game zone to reposition them to your wish. Right-click if you want to remove an item.

Note: items in the side bar and skydrop zone cannot be made "static" (see later) nor can they have any constraints (see "constraints")!

Change movement mode to be able to rotate items. When you now drag an item it won't move but it will rotate. When you're done don't forget to change it back to normal movement mode.

Once you've added items in the game zone you can:
  • leave them as they are (and they will react to gravity settings and dropped item interactions)
  • make them static (this is pretty obvious)
  • add constraints (see the "Constraints" section for a detailed explanation)
  • Note: static items can't have constraints

Select an item to show its parameters (right next to the game zone).

Here you can manually change its coordinates and angle. Only circles have an option to change their size. 

Check "Static" to make an item static.

You can also add constraints (you can also do this by right-clicking on the item) and change the constraint's parameters (see constraints).

Grounds are always static and only have coordinates parameters for every ground point.

If you've added a ground, right-click on it where you want to add a ground point. Right-click on a ground point if you want to remove it. Drag the ground points to position them to your wish. 

Click on "Level Parameters" to increase or decrease the time between fingerdrop - skydrop and/or skydrop - end of level.

You can also change gravity (between 0 and -999), both vertically (Y) or horizontally (X).

Click "Reset Game level" to completely start over.

"Load last level" will reload the last version of your level that you last sent to your device.

When you are ready, send your level to your device by clicking this button. 

Now test your level on your device by clicking this button in the Online Mode screen. Make changes to your level in the editor as much as you need and resend it to your device to test it again.

When you are happy with your level and managed to beat it at least once, you can finally publish it. 

You have the option to post about your new level on your FaceBook or tweet about it on your Twitter, if you have the FB or Twitter app installed on your device. 



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